How to Make Your Product Stand Out With EXAMSEXAMSOFT

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Category tagging allows you to link exam items to specific content areas. This helps students, instructors, and test makers. It can even benefit entire programs. ExamSoft provides virtually unlimited categories and tagging options. Category tagging can help you support student success in future academic programs and careers.


EXAMS EXAMSOFT is a cloud-based software for delivering and managing online assessments. It enables you to create and administer tests, analyze results, and create reports. With its easy-to-use interface, you can quickly create and publish exams.

Before starting the process, you must make sure your computer is up-to-date, has plenty of free hard drive space, is free of virus software, and is in good condition. To get started, you must download the Examplify software and familiarize yourself with its instructions. In case of a laptop, you must also check the battery power indicator light to make sure it is fully charged.

If you’re an educator, you can also use ExamSoft’s exam-creation portal, which allows you to manage and customize your exams. The platform also gives you access to valuable assessment data. You can also create and share assessments. This software also lets you create performance reports that show how well your students perform on exams.

Category tagging

One of the most powerful features of ExamSoft is category tagging, which allows you to connect exam items to specific content areas. This feature can help students, instructors, and test makers alike. This feature can also help entire programs because it allows you to track performance across courses and across disciplines. ExamSoft’s category tagging options give you almost unlimited opportunities to create an exam that meets your program’s objectives.

ExamSoft features a variety of reports, including a strengths and opportunities report that gives students a complete overview of their exam performance. It also supports category tagging, which lets students focus their study habits by category.

CCPA protections for test takers

During a test taker’s exam, ExamSoft collects personal data about them, such as their name, student or registrant identification number, phone number, and email address. Those personal data are processed only for the purposes specified in the test taker’s contract with ExamSoft.

Despite the fact that ExamSoft is not a private company, test takers should know their CCPA rights. Specifically, they should have a right to opt-out and delete their data. Hopefully, the California Bar will provide this information to test takers.

Although ExamSoft has made assurances that their website is secure, some applicants are not so sure. In Pennsylvania, for example, more than 50 state bar applicants have asked for fraud investigations. The applicants say that their passwords were compromised when they downloaded examsoft materials.

Remote proctoring

Remote proctoring with EXAMSEXAMSOFT allows you to administer tests without physically being present in the classroom. It offers a convenient and secure way to administer tests without having to spend time or money on traditional proctoring. A fully automated system monitors and analyzes exam footage to determine whether a student is cheating. It is designed to avoid human errors and ensure that the exam is conducted fairly.

ExamSoft is compatible with iPads and laptops. Students can download the exam before the class begins. The software also features a security feature called ExamID, which authenticates Exam Taker identities. The software also features remote proctoring capabilities through ExamMonitor. Licensed for use at the University of Massachusetts School of Nursing and the UMass Law School, ExamSoft offers a secure solution for the administration of tests.

External cameras and microphones

Whether you’re trying to make your product stand out in the market or want to increase your customer’s engagement, integrating external cameras and microphones will make your product more appealing. They are a must-have feature. Not only do they make your product more engaging, but they can also increase the conversion rate of your product.

You can easily attach external microphones to your product, making your video or audio product more engaging and unique. External microphones have several advantages, ranging from low cost to high quality. For example, they can pick up sound from all directions, meaning your speaker can talk from any angle.

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