Top 4 Reasons you should get your amalgam fillings replaced

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Have you done amalgam filling before? Did you know that your fillings are made of mercury amalgam? Earlier amalgam fillings were one of the only options for dentists to use. It has a lifespan of 10-15 years, amalgam fillings need to be replaced. For many years, dentists have been using silver amalgam fillings to repair dental cavities. However, studies have shown that this material, is composed of approximately 50 percent mercury. It can potentially have dangerous effects on your oral and overall health. Nowadays, amalgam fillings are far less prevalent for various reasons, including a potential health risk.

If you have amalgam fillings, you may be thinking, if one should be removed and replaced with newer material. However, it is not at all a good idea to replace amalgam fillings. Sometimes it is the most reasonable way to keep teeth healthy. Mercury Detoxification is the removal of mercury from the body. There are several approaches that are outlined in this article to help reduce or eliminate the levels of mercury in the body. In this blog, we will discuss the reasons you should get your amalgam fillings replaced.

Why It’s Necessary to Replace Amalgam Fillings?

If you’ve had more than one cavity, then you need to fill in with a grey metal amalgam. This grey metal amalgam filling is looked silver in color.

Earlier, these metal amalgam fillings were the only options available. However, with today’s research and advancements in dentistry, health risks associated with the traditional metal amalgam fillings have been discovered. Apart from metal amalgams, an alternative tooth-colored composite filling is available. Not only new tooth-colored composite fillings used for all patients, but many people with the silver fillings also opt to have their old fillings replaced with composite ones.

If you have an old metal amalgam filling and are discussing whether to replace them, we will help you.

Reasons to get your amalgam fillings replaced

1)Amalgam fillings contain mercury:

You may have heard stories from your parents or grandparents, talking about mercury inside a thermometer. Later, it was discovered that mercury was toxic. Unfortunately, about 50% of an amalgam filling is made up of mercury. It can cause serious be health risks for some patients. Although the research was performed on the safety of amalgams, some patients feel safer.

2)Silver fillings have a finite lifespan:

When the traditional silver fillings are used, they are packed into an area of your tooth. Since there isn’t any permanent bonding between the filling and the tooth, the silver fillings will wear down. As the filling wears down, it reveals new areas on the tooth, which can ultimately become harmful decay-causing bacteria. If the cavity wears out and the decaying tooth is not noticed until the situation gets worsens. You may require a crown to be placed on your tooth, rather than just replacing it. Your amalgam filling is only expected to last 10 years, so it’s essential to get your fillings checked at your routine interval. Alternatively, composite fillings are connected to your teeth, rather than packed in so they are expected to last longer without the fear of tooth decay.

3)Temperature can alter amalgam fillings:

The expansion and contraction of metals due to an increase or decrease in temperature is expected. However, it can be complicated when the metal is found in your mouth. It is even more challenging when it is used to fill in a tooth after a cavity. An amalgam filling is comprised of about 50% mercury, which is a metal that is used in thermometers and adjusts to the temperature of its surroundings. For example, your amalgam filling will extend when you consume a hot beverage which can cause your tooth to weaken and ultimately crack or fracture. The opposite can occur when you eat or drink cold items. Cold beverages or foods can cause your amalgam filling to contract and create gaps between the tooth and the filling. Your teeth are healthy and can only hold these contractions and

4)Composite fillings combine in with your teeth:

When you smile or open your mouth wide, the silver amalgam fillings are seeable in your mouth, whereas the composite fillings are almost invisible. If you’ve had many holes, each filled in using an amalgam filling, you may be shy as people can see them. In this case, composite fillings may be just the answer for you.

By now, you got a clear idea of why one should replace amalgam filling. Your life is precious, and so are your teeth. Mercury vapor emitted from amalgam fillings can be harmful. If you want peace of mind, then the overall health and structure of your teeth will remain intact, whether you choose to undergo replacement for aesthetic purposes, to defend yourself.

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